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ITL Foundation Mission Statement.

Build Character, Promote Literacy, Integrate Technology, and Enrich Lives.

ITL Foundation Vision.

This year iTLF’s staff is working diligently to create more opportunities for inner-city youth. Our top priority is a new mobile Wi-Fi/internet computer lab to enhance the areas of; reading fluency, writing ability, homework assistance, computer software/hardware tutorials, improve listening skills, and small group project based collaboration. If a participant of iTL Foundation improves in one of these area a the others are sure to improve as well. The lab will be set up with 10 workstations.The software includes Literacy Base Phonics, Microsoft™ Office Suit, and many other software that support academics. We host many of our actives at Newfornia Event Center, which has commercial kitchen, main banquet hall, (holds approximately 800-1000 people) a multi-purpose room, and a performing arts area. Aside from a top-of-the-line A/V system we also have a 200″ screen & projection TV system.

ITL Foundation Programs & Workshops:

iAm Beautiful

Building character and self-esteem one pageant at a time.

iAm a Graduate

Producing a graduate is systematic view of elevating our community.

iAm Healthy

It’s difficult to succeed if you are facing malnutrition. Lets eat better and more balanced food!

iAm Handsome

24/7 our young men need mentors and workshops that show them the value in their existence.

iAm Hired

Los Angeles increased the min. wage and now we need to hone our skills and increase our wealth one workshop at a time.

iAm a Techie

There is no getting around technological advance- lets embrace tech and tech jobs.

ITL Foundation Day of Sharing:

Backpack Drive

Day of Sharing Backpack Give-a-way- and supplies to fill the backpack.

Thanksgiving Drive

Baskets filled to the brim for families that can use a little help.

Day of Sharing

Being a agent for change during the holiday season.

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